Friday, September 10, 2010

13 Miles Later

The MCM is less than 8 weeks away. I can't believe that it has snuck up on me so quickly! Thankfully, I've finally been able to go on some longer runs. Keyword: longER not long. I've done two 10-mile runs in the past 2 weeks, which were relatively successful. I was running from my house past all the Arlington metro stops and into DC to Farragut West via Georgetown. I realized that Georgetown is way too full of foot traffic and stop lights to make it a successful and efficient run. Not to mention, the whole way back is pretty much uphill.

Yesterday I went for my first half marathon run since the actual half marathon I ran in May. I definitely felt better about it than the race itself. I ran a totally new route and I'm pretty happy with it. I took the Custis Trail from Lee Hwy and Kirkwood St to the Mt. Vernon Trail, past the airport and back. The only downside is there is some construction near Gravelly Point for a new humpback bridge so the trail tacks a detour into the GW Parkwa, where you are running pretty much against traffic with the protection of only some cement guardrails. But all in all it's relatively flat once you get to Mt. Vernon Trail and it's pretty to run along the water. Running next to the airport itself isn't too scenic, except for the fact you get to watch planes. I managed to complete the run in 2:02, with only one stop for a brief stretch and a Gu. The last 1.5 miles is all uphill (rolling hills) but I managed to gain back most of my energy for that last sprint. By the end I wasn't even too fatigued. My knees had started to get sore and I desperately needed more water and an energy bar. Today I'm not too sore either. So all in all I think it was a very successful run!

I've registered for Clarendon Day's 10K in 2 weeks. I think it'll be a fun and relaxing race. I haven't run a 10K race since the MCM 10K last October. I am curious to see what my time will be since my base run has been the distance of 6 miles pretty consistently for several months. I also registered for the Heritage Half the first weekend in October. I think by that point it will be an easy half. The mileage is definitely not where I would want to be at that point for the marathon, but it'll help me train with the weather and terrain and getting into the mental state of racing. I would ideally like to get two 20-mile runs in before the MCM. I just need to find the time to do so, because it's a big time commitment. It also gets pretty boring. My running partner has hurt his knee so has been unable to train with me yet.

Thankfully I get out of work around 4, so I know that I can fit in a half before the sun sets (as of now). I've been told that if I can run 13 miles, I can run 26.2. Somehow I still find the concept of doubling my farthest distance VERY daunting. But I'm sure the thrill of the race, all the people cheering and runners, music, water stations, and snacks along the way will help.

Sunday, July 25, 2010

Way Too Hot!

So for the record, it has been an INSANELY hot summer so far in the DC Metro Area. I think that this June was the hottest month EVER...beating out previous Augusts even. That is just not right. Yesterday the heat index made it to 108 degrees. I was at Rehoboth Beach for the past week, where even by the ocean, the heat did not abate. And on top of insane 90+ degree temperatures, there was crazy humidity. Just taking the 10 minute walk to the beach left me drenched in sweat at 10am! When I returned to DC Friday evening at 11pm, the city was still blazing at a whopping 90 degrees.

Needless to say, this consistent torture for the past two months has severely impacted my running and training for the marathon. I haven't really trained, just maintained. This week I FINALLY managed to run 18 miles again. I had a pretty torturous and probably stupid noonish run on Monday, a 7:30pm run on Wednesday, and tonight I ran at 9pm. The best run by far was tonight after the sun had set and the crazy thunderstorm had passed through. It was a thankful 82 degrees, but the humidity was pretty intense, enough to soak me through without any sun. I'm at least thankful that I made it out 3x this week with such weather and without heat exhaustion.

This upcoming week is suppose to be cooler, at least only reaching the low 90s, which sadly is a blessing. My goal is to run at least 24 miles, four 6-milers. And if I can swing it, maybe a longer run thrown in when it's not as hot out. If not, I'm headed to Paris on Friday where the temp is around the mid-7os for the highs and 50s for the lows! I've never run abroad yet, but we're staying right along the Seine so I envision nice, cool, long runs where I won't have to worry about getting lost cuz I'll just run straight one direction and back again. And no hills! I just want to consistently maintain 6 mile runs as often as I can while I'm in cooler weather. Maybe throw in a longer run?

Once I get back, the second week of August, I theoretically am supposed to run 13 miles according to the training schedule I don't follow. We'll see if that actually the very least I should hope to run 10 and start making my body get adjusted to longer distances. I've been reading up on some training habits, and I really don't see myself following the diet/sleep/training suggestions. I think I'm just going to run and have that be good enough for me. I know that the real long runs are supposed to decrease a couple of weeks before the marathon, but I think I'll have to hit my peak/goal of 24 miles in October when it's really cooled down some. It would be foolish death to try to do that now, even if I were to succeed and get up at 6am. Apparently 5am here the other day was already at 84 degrees.

Well, here's to hoping that everything will cool down soon so I can at least not die for the marathon.

Thursday, July 1, 2010

18 Weeks Away

So the hot weather has finally taken a brief hiatus. I'm actually going to go for a run in the AFTERNOON today! Amazing, right? This morning was beautiful and a cool mid-60s. Unfortunately, I slept through my alarm and failed to go for a run. To compensate, I'm going to hit the W & OD for the first time since before the half! I'm really excited to run on relatively flat ground for the majority of a run. I'm even playing with the idea of making it a longer run... I haven't done anything farther than 6 miles since the half either, so I'm not sure if I want to just go for 10 or try for something like 7 or 8. I think I'll see how it goes once I'm moving. I forgot to bring my water bottle, but thankfully it is now officially summer so I expect all of the water fountains to be up and running full force. Otherwise...I'm screwed.

I am 18 weeks away from the marathon. I planned out the final 4 weeks of my training schedule (like the past few weeks have been going according to plan...NOT) and I hope to be able to maintain some kind of plan that resembles this schedule. I have no races scheduled until then, which is kind of a downer. Maybe I should look around for some race to inspire me and keep me motivated. My training schedule doesn't have me run anything farther than 20 miles, but I think I'm going to up it to 22.

I'm going to be in Paris for a little over a week at the beginning of August. We are staying at an apartment right along the Seine. It'll be great for running! Not sure if I'll be able to accomplish any real distance runs while I'm there, but I'll definitely be able to go for at least hour-long runs. It'll be beautiful and so cool. As soon as I get back, though, I have to do my first 13-miler. Gotta gear up for this!

I'm starting to shift my sleep schedule to accommodate my runs. Obviously it didn't work this morning, but I'm a night owl! It's hard for me to really be asleep before 10:30...and last night I went to bed after midnight. Damn you True Blood!

Thursday, June 24, 2010

Got to Step It Up!

So I have been seriously slacking these past few weeks. I don't know what it is, but probably the fact that it's been insanely hot and humid! I've officially switched to being a morning runner, but the past 2 days I ended up just hitting the snooze button and sleeping away my hour run. I've been clocking in about 12-16 miles/week for the last 4 weeks. And this week isn't looking to be much better. I HOPE to go for a run tomorrow morning, but the weekend is looking CRAZY (again) so no chances of a long distance run.

I'm hoping that starting next week I can step it up a notch and start getting back to 18 miles/week MINIMUM with a longer run on the weekend. I still have about 19 weeks left until the marathon though, so I still have plenty of time to start hitting those 10+ mile runs. There's a nice run through Rock Creek Park near my boyfriend's house, where we can run to the Maryland border and back to total roughly 10 miles. Last time I did it I practically died, so I'd like to try it out again.

Last week I did a few sprints again and raced against a high school boy. I beat him and his friend teased him for getting "beat by a girl". I may have won the battle, but I think if we were to continue racing at those speeds he would have won the war.

Anyways, it's over and out....I just wanted to check back in to whoever reads this!

Thursday, June 10, 2010

New Running Shoes!

So I finally caved and invested in some fairly pricey new running shoes. I switched from my Saucony brand to New Balance. I had my last pair since August and had put on at least 600 miles on them. The guy at Road Runners informed me that running shoes should be replaced after every 400 miles. Now I'm REALLY going to need to find a job post-AmeriCorps to afford my new running habit. I'm hoping that with training for the MCM, my new pair will last me until the actual marathon. Afterwards I'll definitely have to get another pair. Or maybe I'll be so scarred from running (or failing) a marathon that I'll never run again....haha.

I've actually had 2 successful morning runs so far this week and I'm debating about going again tomorrow morning or sleeping in. The benefit to running tomorrow is that I know I'll beat the heat and inevitable humidity of this weekend and I will have hit my 18 miles that I aim for every week. I REALLY need to do another distance run or sprints again, but with the humidity and heat of the past few weekends that just hasn't happened yet. Next step: sucking it up and getting up early on the weekends to do a long run. Baby steps for now...I'm still getting used to getting up early during the week.

Thursday, June 3, 2010

So it's been a while...

Figured it was about time I blog about something. Specifically running. More specifically me running... all in all, nothing too interesting.

So I'm 22 weeks from the MCM. It seems far away when I think about it, but when I look at my training schedule and how I've failed to maintain it for the past 3 weeks, I realize that it's going to be a long long 22 more weeks. It's been hard for me to get back into the groove of things after the half, which I know I've said before. But I figured I've given myself almost a month to get my ass kicked back into shape.

Last week I only ran once. 6 miles. But I did go on a gorgeous 6 mile hike at Crabtree Falls in GW National Park down in Nelson County for Memorial Day weekend. That was definitely nice. I saw 2 people running most of the trail (some of which was pretty muddy), and I was instantly impressed and equally envious of their stamina and fitness. I find trail running extremely difficult. I know some runners enjoy trail running, specifically uphill trail running, but I haven't either a) built those muscles yet or b) taught myself how to breathe correctly to maintain my stamina.

New development in my running, though! I've started to run in the mornings. Now, I know I have complained about morning runs in the past and would definitely prefer running in the afternoons; however, with the heat and humidity that is a DC summer, I pretty much have no choice but to adapt and change my ways. For example, the past few days it has been almost 90 degrees and VERY HUMID and STICKY. In the mornings when I go for my run, around 7:30, it's equally humid but still only in the mid-70s. Definitely preferable to scorching heat.

Due to the humidity I've had to start bringing my water bottle on my 6 mile runs, where before I'd be fine until I got home. I definitely notice a difference staying hydrated. This morning it was so gross out that I had completely soaked through my tank top AND my shorts. Yes, my shorts. I had a huge ass sweat mark on my lovely sky-blue running shorts. Sexy, right? When I finally go and buy new running shoes in the next few weeks I'll have to remember to pick up some white or black running shorts where sweat does not show through as easily....

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Post-Half Running Report

Now that the half is over, I've been feeling less motivated to run. Last week I did two 3-mile runs (with some speed intervals) and then my first ever sprints. I'm not sure the sprinting distances since I know nothing about track distances, but I sprinted the straightaways on the track and walked the curves. I did about 6 of these and was feeling pretty good. My run home from the track turned into a one mile run and then a stop at 7-11 where I double-fisted a huge Slurpee and a popsicle for the rest of the walk home. Yes, I did get some looks. I guess people aren't used to seeing someone in running gear walking...with a Slurpee...AND a popsicle. It was delicious.

I was surprised the next day when I woke up SORE. I felt muscles in my legs that I didn't know existed. What surprised me the most was the fact that my arms were sore! I guess all that arm pumping for sprints does work those muscles? I'm thinking I'll incorporate sprints into my training maybe once a week. I've read up on tempo runs, and I've been trying to do those as well. I have improved my time for the GIANT hill I have to run up at the start of my run by about a minute. With practice, hopefully I won't be as winded by the time I get to the one-mile marker.

Yesterday I had a refreshingly easy run in the rain. I didn't think I was pushing myself that much at all after the initial hill, but I shaved 2 minutes off of my time! I ran my typical 6 mile route in 56 minutes. That's the fastest I've run it ever. Usually I'm lucky to run it in 58 minutes. I didn't even feel fatigued by the time I made it home. Needless to say I was pleasantly surprised. I'm glad I finally ran a 6-miler though, after a whole week of being lame. It's good to know that I'm finally getting myself back into the training mindset, although it's hard to stay focused on motivated when the marathon is 24 weeks away.

I have to get new running shoes. I've run/walked 625.4 miles on the shoes I currently own (not like I'm keeping track or anything...). I'm going to go to the Road Runners store near my office and get my stride analyzed in order to figure out the best running shoe. I've never done that before, at least not on an official capacity. The guy at the Pacers store watched my run down the sidewalk in my flip flops last time. I feel like at Road Runners where I'll run on a treadmill will be a little bit more official. Now I only have to calculate a near pair of shoes into my budget....

Sunday, May 9, 2010

Half-Marathon Success

So today was the Pacers Running Festival Half Marathon. And it was a success!! I can't believe that I can now say with confidence that I have run a half marathon. Do I qualify as an actual runner now instead of a person who runs?! The weather was perfect (although a bit chilly in the beginning) save for running against the wind for the last 2-3 miles. I managed to keep up with my running partner for the first loop of the race (roughly 6.5 miles) but I quickly fell behind for the second loop. I was kind of expecting that since she runs 9 minute miles and I run 9:30. My final time was 2:04:30, averaging a 9:31 minute mile. Right on target. I really couldn't have asked for much more since it was my first half and being able to run a 9 minute mile for the whole 13.1 would have been really pushing it. I was a little worried about the last 5k since the longest distance I had run leading up to the race was only 10 miles, but the last few miles were just a blur. I'm only a little bit stiff and not that sore (yet). I've also discovered the Power Bar goos. I only had vanilla today, but that was pretty good, although a little sticky and sweet.

This week I officially start the MCM training schedule, but it'll be pretty low-key for a while. I am really considering registering for the VA Beach Half since that will be a nice easy distance to run in training for the marathon by the time it comes around.

I'm still excited about completing the half! I can't believe I did it!

Thursday, May 6, 2010

The Joys of Evening Running

Tonight I had an unexpected enjoyable run after dinner. Typically I am not a after-eating runner, but the weather tonight was so nice that I thought I'd give it a try. What I had originally intended to be my usual 6.2 miles turned out to be a 7 miler. Not that big of a difference, but I have discovered a new running route (a combination of two different routes). It was pretty easy, so I think that I'll replace my usual casual run of 6.2 for the new 7. There are several benefits of running in the evening. The heat of the day has more or less dispersed, it is less humid, no hot sun beating down giving you awkward runner tan lines, and the sweet spring smells are invigorating. Perhaps I will try to do more after-dinner runs in the future. I also walked to my favorite place on Earth, Starbucks, this afternoon for a refreshing beverage. The walk is easy enough, with a rewarding 3 mile loop. That combined with the 7 I actually ran is a nice 10 miles for the day (just like Monday). I'm hoping that these casual runs/walks are enough to prepare me for Sunday's half. Thankfully the weather is supposed to be cooler than it has been this week. I hope to avoid more awkward sock and runner tank top tan lines this weekend!

Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Running in a Cloud

Yesterday I tried for another 10-miler. Unfortunately it was a bust. I'm beginning to worry slightly about the half-marathon on Sunday because my partner in crime has had one more successful 10-miler than me and better times. Either I will completely fall behind or be inspired and motivated to run faster. Probably the first one since I can't run ten 9 minute miles even if I wanted to. Eep.

Regardless, yesterday's run was icky. I decided to run mid-afternoon right when it was still relatively hot (84 degrees) and incredibly muggy and humid. I soaked through my dri-fit running shirt in a mile and guzzled down about 3 bottles of water. Not to mention the fact that I felt like the pores on my skin were little water fountains of sweat. All in all, not an enjoyable experience by any means. I managed to run about 7 miles before resigning myself to the humidity and grossness that was my body and walked/ran the last 3 miles back to my car where I then proceeded to sit with the AC on full blast for about 5 minutes before even thinking of driving anywhere.

Now I know I will be able to run 13.1 miles, but the question comes to how fast and how successfully. The weather is looking pretty good for Sunday so I'm hoping for little to absolutely no humidity and I think it should be in the high 50s in the morning/low 60s. All of that will definitely help. My goal for this half is just finish it....ideally within the range of 9:30-9:45 min miles (even though my running partner can run 9 min ones). Since this will be my first half, it'll help give me an idea of how long of a run it actually is.

After Sunday is when I start my 25-week marathon training schedule, which for the first few months is relatively flexible since my running ability is somewhere near 15 weeks to MCM. But once it gets closer to 10 weeks to MCM my butt is really going to need to get into shape. This half on Sunday will be my longest run for the next 14 weeks unless I feel the urge to run a half for the heck of it.

There aren't too many longer races during the summer months that I have found in the area to run in. I'm hoping to do the Rock 'n Roll VA Beach Half during Labor Day weekend, but I need to verify with the person I am hoping to run with. It looks like it could be tons of fun, although incredibly hot. At least it starts early in the morning (7am) and you are on the beach. The only problem is that the hotels there are ridiculously expensive for that weekend, and I'd like to be there from Friday evening-Monday morning.

Well, I'm hoping for an easy 6 mile run on Thursday, so I'll keep the universal "you" posted. Then it's the Pacer's Half Marathon on Sunday!! Don't forget to wish your Mamas a Happy Mother's Day on that day, too.

Tuesday, April 27, 2010


FINALLY ran my first 10-miler since the last race! My time wasn't as good, just under 10 minute miles, but I didn't have anyone to chase down or the flow of runners to inspire me. I got all the way from Oak St. in Falls Church to Colombia Pike in Arlington. I also couldn't have asked for a more beautiful day. I ran it with a couple Clif energy shots and finished up with another packet of the yummy Jelly Belly beans. The Clif goo shots aren't as bad as Gu gel for some reason. I'm a little sore and had to take a quick cat nap upon my return home, but I'm happy I finally got the run in and that I can still actually run 10 miles, which is a good thing since I'm going to have to run 13...

On my last 1.5 miles, I ran into a car on the W & OD trail. Now, this car was literally ON the path. To be clear: driving on the bike path taking up both lanes. Now this section of the path is contained by fences and a wall bordering Rt-66. HOW or WHY this car thought it could drive on the path is beyond me. Granted, it is paved...but it is barely wide enough for a small sedan. I have no clue how this vehicle got onto the path either. When I came across it, the old driver had gotten out of the car to remove the cone that was separating the two bike lanes at the entrance of the path from the street. Needless to say the cone is screwed down into the tar so it wasn't going anywhere. Not sure how he was going to reverse through the curves all the way back to where he began. Sucks to be him.

Going to go eat some salt & vinegar chips before bed as my reward for successfully running my 10 miles.

Monday, April 26, 2010

Getting on Track Again

Two weeks away from the half-marathon and just finished up about a week's long vacation from running. Oi vey. I finally went on a successful run this afternoon (although only 6 miles) in the rain. I'm typically a not running-in-the-elements type of person, but the light spring rain was surprisingly refreshing. I'm glad that I managed to keep my time around 9:40 per mile on this casual run, especially since my last attempt at an 8-miler last Thursday was a disaster for some reason. I went out on the W & OD trail with the intent to run an easy 8, but that easy 8 turned into a mediocre 5.5 and a 2.5 mile walk. I was low-energy and my legs were very crampy. I think it might have been due to the lack of potassium in my diet that whole week. I tried the Jelly Belly energy jelly beans for the first time, which were 100% better tasting than the Gu gel. Icky Gu gel.

Tomorrow will be my first attempt at a 10-miler since the Cherry Blossom 10-Miler a few weeks ago. I get off work early afternoon (but will be working again later at night) so I will have the time to hit the W & OD. I'll be trying the Clif gel if I remember to bring it with me tomorrow. I really hope that I can run the full 10. I'll make sure to eat a decent breakfast, grab a banana, stay hydrated, get some sleep, and eat some carbs for lunch.

Saturday I'm participating in the DC Challenge Urban Scavenger Race. I don't think it really qualifies as an actual run-race since we will be stopping a lot and are allowed to take public transportation so I'm not counting that day as a training day at all. It will still be a blast though!

Maybe for once I'll actual run all the distances I have planned on the days I plan on running them. This week is go go go before the half. Next week I'll be winding it down a bit, taking it slow...minus one 10-miler that I hope to be able to do early in the week. I will at least be running the half with a friend to keep me motivated. However I never train with a partner, so I hope running together goes well!! I need to be able to pace myself throughout the race.

Hitting the hay now and dreaming of hitting the pavement...

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

What Turned Out To Be A Half-Marathon Walk

I've been in New Haven, CT (well, technically Hamden) for the past few days.  I didn't think I'd get much running or exercising in on the trip, even though I was hopeful.  Yesterday my friend and I were planning on going for a little hike but ended up just walking to the school she teaches at.  The school is 6.5 miles away...and for some reason when I agreed to this I forgot to add the mileage for the way back!  So we literally ended up walking a half-marathon.  It took us about 5 hours with a coffee break and stopping to relax in her classroom for 30 minutes to eat pretzels and skim through her 5th graders' books.  Given the fact that I run on a pretty regular basis at pretty decent distances, by the end of our walk I was unbelievably SORE and famished.  It was fun though and I'm glad we went on this little adventure.  New Haven has some pretty cute houses.  On our walk back we passed by several runners enjoying the flatness of the city.  There is definitely a pretty decent stretch for a flat and scenic run.  Given I come from the land of steep hills, switchbacks, and subtle inclines I am pretty envious.  

Later today we're heading to Boston, just a few days late of the Boston Marathon.  Maybe I'll walk some of the distances the runners incredible speeds.  

Anyways, it's off to Boston for the day then hitting the rails (7.5 hour train ride) tomorrow to get back to home sweet home.  

Friday, April 16, 2010

Day Two: No Running Report

So here I am at my lunch hour, sitting indoors on this gorgeous day...only blocks away from the trail I like to frequent for my long runs. Unfortunately I only get to think about gazing towards the trail since I have an interior office with no windows, so gazing forlornly at where I not only want to be, but SHOULD be, is not an option. Oh well, thus is the life of a 9-5er.

This week I've only run 14 miles after the 10-miler, but since I'm headed to PA/CT/Boston on Saturday I don't think I'll have much time for running. I think I'll be optimistic and at least plan on a run while I'm visiting my friend, but knowing my painful sense of direction and despise for runs on treadmills lasting longer than 3 miles, I'm pretty sure it's mostly wishful thinking.

I'm currently planning my life out week-by-week according to the marathon training schedule I found. Right now I'm down to week 11, with the longest run being 13 miles. I have no idea how I am supposed to more than double that within 11 weeks! I also think I'll have no life while I painfully and excruciatingly maybe it's a good thing I have no job prospects after July 9th...

My co-worker just stopped by and gave me an amazing idea! To calculate the distance I've run since I started. Embarrassingly, I am able to do this because I've been keeping track of my runs and times since day one, which was August 16th, 2009. So as of today, April 16, 2010...I've run a total of 530.6 miles to be exact.

Now I'm off to eat some pizza. I guess I've got to work on that runner's diet thing too......

Thursday, April 15, 2010

Not Quite Day One

So while I was on my run this afternoon I thought that keeping a blog of my running exploits would be self-reflective and perhaps slightly interesting. Maybe I'll even blog about things that don't pertain to running as well. Needless to say, this blog has been started a little late since I really started running back in mid-August.

As a self-proclaimed hater of running, I find it quite amusing to end up being a runner. I've always worked out, but at the gym, and never on a treadmill. In August I could barely run a mile on the treadmill without dying at the end. I think I've come far considering that humbling and embarrassing fact.

These days I run a 6-mile route around my neighborhood. If I want to challenge myself, I'll hit the W & O Trail for an 8-mile struggle. Speed has never been important to me, just to be out there hitting the pavement on a pretty regular basis. Therefore, my casual runs have averaged around 10 min/mile. Considering my neighborhood is chock-full of hills and inclines I don't mind that too much.

I just completed the Cherry Blossom 10-Miler, which is the longest distance I have run thus far. I've run a couple 5Ks, an 8K, and a few 10Ks (which have now become easy races), but the 10-miler was a first. I was more impressed with the fact that I could drag my lazy ass out of bed at 6am off of minimal sleep and actually get dressed. The race itself was enjoyable and only a little bit of a struggle during miles 7-9 when we hit Haines Point where it was utterly silent. It's a beautiful stretch but painfully quiet and long. I had no idea how much crowds cheering helped. In the end I was happy with my time, averaging a 9:23 min/mile at 1:33:47.

Next up is the Pacer's Half-Marathon in Clarendon. I'm a little nervous since I'll be out of town the next two weekends when it's key long-distance run time. This week I managed to just fit in an 8-mile run before heading on my little vacation. I tried Gu for the first time and it really is gooey. I kind of had to fight back my gag reflex. Maybe I'll get used to it or I'll have to resort back to the candy versions. I've got the jelly beans to try and the Cliff version of goo.

I also looked up a marathon-training schedule this afternoon and had a minor panic attack about running in the Marine Corps Marathon in October. I can't imagine ever being able to run 26.2, but then again I could never picture myself running 6 miles. Although 26.2 is A LOT FARTHER than 6 miles. Hopefully 8 becomes the new 6 and 10 the new 8 in the next few weeks...