Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Running in a Cloud

Yesterday I tried for another 10-miler. Unfortunately it was a bust. I'm beginning to worry slightly about the half-marathon on Sunday because my partner in crime has had one more successful 10-miler than me and better times. Either I will completely fall behind or be inspired and motivated to run faster. Probably the first one since I can't run ten 9 minute miles even if I wanted to. Eep.

Regardless, yesterday's run was icky. I decided to run mid-afternoon right when it was still relatively hot (84 degrees) and incredibly muggy and humid. I soaked through my dri-fit running shirt in a mile and guzzled down about 3 bottles of water. Not to mention the fact that I felt like the pores on my skin were little water fountains of sweat. All in all, not an enjoyable experience by any means. I managed to run about 7 miles before resigning myself to the humidity and grossness that was my body and walked/ran the last 3 miles back to my car where I then proceeded to sit with the AC on full blast for about 5 minutes before even thinking of driving anywhere.

Now I know I will be able to run 13.1 miles, but the question comes to how fast and how successfully. The weather is looking pretty good for Sunday so I'm hoping for little to absolutely no humidity and I think it should be in the high 50s in the morning/low 60s. All of that will definitely help. My goal for this half is just finish it....ideally within the range of 9:30-9:45 min miles (even though my running partner can run 9 min ones). Since this will be my first half, it'll help give me an idea of how long of a run it actually is.

After Sunday is when I start my 25-week marathon training schedule, which for the first few months is relatively flexible since my running ability is somewhere near 15 weeks to MCM. But once it gets closer to 10 weeks to MCM my butt is really going to need to get into shape. This half on Sunday will be my longest run for the next 14 weeks unless I feel the urge to run a half for the heck of it.

There aren't too many longer races during the summer months that I have found in the area to run in. I'm hoping to do the Rock 'n Roll VA Beach Half during Labor Day weekend, but I need to verify with the person I am hoping to run with. It looks like it could be tons of fun, although incredibly hot. At least it starts early in the morning (7am) and you are on the beach. The only problem is that the hotels there are ridiculously expensive for that weekend, and I'd like to be there from Friday evening-Monday morning.

Well, I'm hoping for an easy 6 mile run on Thursday, so I'll keep the universal "you" posted. Then it's the Pacer's Half Marathon on Sunday!! Don't forget to wish your Mamas a Happy Mother's Day on that day, too.

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