Thursday, April 15, 2010

Not Quite Day One

So while I was on my run this afternoon I thought that keeping a blog of my running exploits would be self-reflective and perhaps slightly interesting. Maybe I'll even blog about things that don't pertain to running as well. Needless to say, this blog has been started a little late since I really started running back in mid-August.

As a self-proclaimed hater of running, I find it quite amusing to end up being a runner. I've always worked out, but at the gym, and never on a treadmill. In August I could barely run a mile on the treadmill without dying at the end. I think I've come far considering that humbling and embarrassing fact.

These days I run a 6-mile route around my neighborhood. If I want to challenge myself, I'll hit the W & O Trail for an 8-mile struggle. Speed has never been important to me, just to be out there hitting the pavement on a pretty regular basis. Therefore, my casual runs have averaged around 10 min/mile. Considering my neighborhood is chock-full of hills and inclines I don't mind that too much.

I just completed the Cherry Blossom 10-Miler, which is the longest distance I have run thus far. I've run a couple 5Ks, an 8K, and a few 10Ks (which have now become easy races), but the 10-miler was a first. I was more impressed with the fact that I could drag my lazy ass out of bed at 6am off of minimal sleep and actually get dressed. The race itself was enjoyable and only a little bit of a struggle during miles 7-9 when we hit Haines Point where it was utterly silent. It's a beautiful stretch but painfully quiet and long. I had no idea how much crowds cheering helped. In the end I was happy with my time, averaging a 9:23 min/mile at 1:33:47.

Next up is the Pacer's Half-Marathon in Clarendon. I'm a little nervous since I'll be out of town the next two weekends when it's key long-distance run time. This week I managed to just fit in an 8-mile run before heading on my little vacation. I tried Gu for the first time and it really is gooey. I kind of had to fight back my gag reflex. Maybe I'll get used to it or I'll have to resort back to the candy versions. I've got the jelly beans to try and the Cliff version of goo.

I also looked up a marathon-training schedule this afternoon and had a minor panic attack about running in the Marine Corps Marathon in October. I can't imagine ever being able to run 26.2, but then again I could never picture myself running 6 miles. Although 26.2 is A LOT FARTHER than 6 miles. Hopefully 8 becomes the new 6 and 10 the new 8 in the next few weeks...


  1. ever heard of shot blocks by the same people who make clif bars? what is gu? sounds gooey and gross.

  2. also....i might end up joining you in that half. i ran 6 yesterday which is the longest ive run since my half...wasn't pretty