Thursday, June 10, 2010

New Running Shoes!

So I finally caved and invested in some fairly pricey new running shoes. I switched from my Saucony brand to New Balance. I had my last pair since August and had put on at least 600 miles on them. The guy at Road Runners informed me that running shoes should be replaced after every 400 miles. Now I'm REALLY going to need to find a job post-AmeriCorps to afford my new running habit. I'm hoping that with training for the MCM, my new pair will last me until the actual marathon. Afterwards I'll definitely have to get another pair. Or maybe I'll be so scarred from running (or failing) a marathon that I'll never run again....haha.

I've actually had 2 successful morning runs so far this week and I'm debating about going again tomorrow morning or sleeping in. The benefit to running tomorrow is that I know I'll beat the heat and inevitable humidity of this weekend and I will have hit my 18 miles that I aim for every week. I REALLY need to do another distance run or sprints again, but with the humidity and heat of the past few weekends that just hasn't happened yet. Next step: sucking it up and getting up early on the weekends to do a long run. Baby steps for now...I'm still getting used to getting up early during the week.

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