Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Post-Half Running Report

Now that the half is over, I've been feeling less motivated to run. Last week I did two 3-mile runs (with some speed intervals) and then my first ever sprints. I'm not sure the sprinting distances since I know nothing about track distances, but I sprinted the straightaways on the track and walked the curves. I did about 6 of these and was feeling pretty good. My run home from the track turned into a one mile run and then a stop at 7-11 where I double-fisted a huge Slurpee and a popsicle for the rest of the walk home. Yes, I did get some looks. I guess people aren't used to seeing someone in running gear walking...with a Slurpee...AND a popsicle. It was delicious.

I was surprised the next day when I woke up SORE. I felt muscles in my legs that I didn't know existed. What surprised me the most was the fact that my arms were sore! I guess all that arm pumping for sprints does work those muscles? I'm thinking I'll incorporate sprints into my training maybe once a week. I've read up on tempo runs, and I've been trying to do those as well. I have improved my time for the GIANT hill I have to run up at the start of my run by about a minute. With practice, hopefully I won't be as winded by the time I get to the one-mile marker.

Yesterday I had a refreshingly easy run in the rain. I didn't think I was pushing myself that much at all after the initial hill, but I shaved 2 minutes off of my time! I ran my typical 6 mile route in 56 minutes. That's the fastest I've run it ever. Usually I'm lucky to run it in 58 minutes. I didn't even feel fatigued by the time I made it home. Needless to say I was pleasantly surprised. I'm glad I finally ran a 6-miler though, after a whole week of being lame. It's good to know that I'm finally getting myself back into the training mindset, although it's hard to stay focused on motivated when the marathon is 24 weeks away.

I have to get new running shoes. I've run/walked 625.4 miles on the shoes I currently own (not like I'm keeping track or anything...). I'm going to go to the Road Runners store near my office and get my stride analyzed in order to figure out the best running shoe. I've never done that before, at least not on an official capacity. The guy at the Pacers store watched my run down the sidewalk in my flip flops last time. I feel like at Road Runners where I'll run on a treadmill will be a little bit more official. Now I only have to calculate a near pair of shoes into my budget....

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