Tuesday, April 27, 2010


FINALLY ran my first 10-miler since the last race! My time wasn't as good, just under 10 minute miles, but I didn't have anyone to chase down or the flow of runners to inspire me. I got all the way from Oak St. in Falls Church to Colombia Pike in Arlington. I also couldn't have asked for a more beautiful day. I ran it with a couple Clif energy shots and finished up with another packet of the yummy Jelly Belly beans. The Clif goo shots aren't as bad as Gu gel for some reason. I'm a little sore and had to take a quick cat nap upon my return home, but I'm happy I finally got the run in and that I can still actually run 10 miles, which is a good thing since I'm going to have to run 13...

On my last 1.5 miles, I ran into a car on the W & OD trail. Now, this car was literally ON the path. To be clear: driving on the bike path taking up both lanes. Now this section of the path is contained by fences and a wall bordering Rt-66. HOW or WHY this car thought it could drive on the path is beyond me. Granted, it is paved...but it is barely wide enough for a small sedan. I have no clue how this vehicle got onto the path either. When I came across it, the old driver had gotten out of the car to remove the cone that was separating the two bike lanes at the entrance of the path from the street. Needless to say the cone is screwed down into the tar so it wasn't going anywhere. Not sure how he was going to reverse through the curves all the way back to where he began. Sucks to be him.

Going to go eat some salt & vinegar chips before bed as my reward for successfully running my 10 miles.

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