Friday, April 16, 2010

Day Two: No Running Report

So here I am at my lunch hour, sitting indoors on this gorgeous day...only blocks away from the trail I like to frequent for my long runs. Unfortunately I only get to think about gazing towards the trail since I have an interior office with no windows, so gazing forlornly at where I not only want to be, but SHOULD be, is not an option. Oh well, thus is the life of a 9-5er.

This week I've only run 14 miles after the 10-miler, but since I'm headed to PA/CT/Boston on Saturday I don't think I'll have much time for running. I think I'll be optimistic and at least plan on a run while I'm visiting my friend, but knowing my painful sense of direction and despise for runs on treadmills lasting longer than 3 miles, I'm pretty sure it's mostly wishful thinking.

I'm currently planning my life out week-by-week according to the marathon training schedule I found. Right now I'm down to week 11, with the longest run being 13 miles. I have no idea how I am supposed to more than double that within 11 weeks! I also think I'll have no life while I painfully and excruciatingly maybe it's a good thing I have no job prospects after July 9th...

My co-worker just stopped by and gave me an amazing idea! To calculate the distance I've run since I started. Embarrassingly, I am able to do this because I've been keeping track of my runs and times since day one, which was August 16th, 2009. So as of today, April 16, 2010...I've run a total of 530.6 miles to be exact.

Now I'm off to eat some pizza. I guess I've got to work on that runner's diet thing too......

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  1. Hey, I say pat yourself on the back for all those miles. And since you'll be in Boston the weekend of the Boston Marathon, give yourself credit by association.
    Seriously, let me know of you have any questions. I'm a coach. If you listen to podcasts I have some on iTunes that might be helpful. They explain the training principles for increasing mileage. Are you applying the hard/easy training schedule? Check out my running site