Sunday, July 25, 2010

Way Too Hot!

So for the record, it has been an INSANELY hot summer so far in the DC Metro Area. I think that this June was the hottest month EVER...beating out previous Augusts even. That is just not right. Yesterday the heat index made it to 108 degrees. I was at Rehoboth Beach for the past week, where even by the ocean, the heat did not abate. And on top of insane 90+ degree temperatures, there was crazy humidity. Just taking the 10 minute walk to the beach left me drenched in sweat at 10am! When I returned to DC Friday evening at 11pm, the city was still blazing at a whopping 90 degrees.

Needless to say, this consistent torture for the past two months has severely impacted my running and training for the marathon. I haven't really trained, just maintained. This week I FINALLY managed to run 18 miles again. I had a pretty torturous and probably stupid noonish run on Monday, a 7:30pm run on Wednesday, and tonight I ran at 9pm. The best run by far was tonight after the sun had set and the crazy thunderstorm had passed through. It was a thankful 82 degrees, but the humidity was pretty intense, enough to soak me through without any sun. I'm at least thankful that I made it out 3x this week with such weather and without heat exhaustion.

This upcoming week is suppose to be cooler, at least only reaching the low 90s, which sadly is a blessing. My goal is to run at least 24 miles, four 6-milers. And if I can swing it, maybe a longer run thrown in when it's not as hot out. If not, I'm headed to Paris on Friday where the temp is around the mid-7os for the highs and 50s for the lows! I've never run abroad yet, but we're staying right along the Seine so I envision nice, cool, long runs where I won't have to worry about getting lost cuz I'll just run straight one direction and back again. And no hills! I just want to consistently maintain 6 mile runs as often as I can while I'm in cooler weather. Maybe throw in a longer run?

Once I get back, the second week of August, I theoretically am supposed to run 13 miles according to the training schedule I don't follow. We'll see if that actually the very least I should hope to run 10 and start making my body get adjusted to longer distances. I've been reading up on some training habits, and I really don't see myself following the diet/sleep/training suggestions. I think I'm just going to run and have that be good enough for me. I know that the real long runs are supposed to decrease a couple of weeks before the marathon, but I think I'll have to hit my peak/goal of 24 miles in October when it's really cooled down some. It would be foolish death to try to do that now, even if I were to succeed and get up at 6am. Apparently 5am here the other day was already at 84 degrees.

Well, here's to hoping that everything will cool down soon so I can at least not die for the marathon.

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