Thursday, June 3, 2010

So it's been a while...

Figured it was about time I blog about something. Specifically running. More specifically me running... all in all, nothing too interesting.

So I'm 22 weeks from the MCM. It seems far away when I think about it, but when I look at my training schedule and how I've failed to maintain it for the past 3 weeks, I realize that it's going to be a long long 22 more weeks. It's been hard for me to get back into the groove of things after the half, which I know I've said before. But I figured I've given myself almost a month to get my ass kicked back into shape.

Last week I only ran once. 6 miles. But I did go on a gorgeous 6 mile hike at Crabtree Falls in GW National Park down in Nelson County for Memorial Day weekend. That was definitely nice. I saw 2 people running most of the trail (some of which was pretty muddy), and I was instantly impressed and equally envious of their stamina and fitness. I find trail running extremely difficult. I know some runners enjoy trail running, specifically uphill trail running, but I haven't either a) built those muscles yet or b) taught myself how to breathe correctly to maintain my stamina.

New development in my running, though! I've started to run in the mornings. Now, I know I have complained about morning runs in the past and would definitely prefer running in the afternoons; however, with the heat and humidity that is a DC summer, I pretty much have no choice but to adapt and change my ways. For example, the past few days it has been almost 90 degrees and VERY HUMID and STICKY. In the mornings when I go for my run, around 7:30, it's equally humid but still only in the mid-70s. Definitely preferable to scorching heat.

Due to the humidity I've had to start bringing my water bottle on my 6 mile runs, where before I'd be fine until I got home. I definitely notice a difference staying hydrated. This morning it was so gross out that I had completely soaked through my tank top AND my shorts. Yes, my shorts. I had a huge ass sweat mark on my lovely sky-blue running shorts. Sexy, right? When I finally go and buy new running shoes in the next few weeks I'll have to remember to pick up some white or black running shorts where sweat does not show through as easily....

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